project 3: flyers 

a promotional and informational flyer designed to

attract undergraduate students to a

new program of study at SFSU

Dasha Bulatova Promotional Flyer.jpg




Dasha Bulatova Informational Flyer.jpg

The promotional and informational flyer project represented a functional application of my fledgling InDesign abilities to meet the specific needs of a particular “client.” While the syllabus redesign project offered the first opportunity to use InDesign, I felt that in the end, a non-conventional syllabus is unlikely to actually be used by a professor, and that many of my choices for it were likely too “radical” to fit within my professor’s comfort zone. But because the flyer genre is by definition is intended to be visually eye-catching from a distance, I felt more of a freedom to make bold color and layout choices. 


The end results offer a representative sense of my ability to organize and prioritize information. For both flyers, I wanted to include only the crucial text content within a hierarchy of importance. The informational flyer places a career-oriented question within an arrow shape that points to the name of the new concentration. The words “professional writing & rhetoric” are somewhat stylized in order to highlight the potential of the student to learn design techniques, but are written in a standard sans-serif font to preserve legibility. The informational flyer, because it needed to include more text, uses lines and boxes to delineate sections of content­—two in total (“about” and “course requirements,” with the latter containing two subsections. The hope is that the reader will scan to the relevant section.


I wanted to showcase these documents in my portfolio partially because as a beginner designer, flyers are what I have been asked to design the most frequently. Flyers are useful for any sort of event or organization, including performances and announcements of any sort. I have been receiving more requests to make flyers than anything else from friends who are looking for a little design help, so if I can build a strong portfolio of flyers, I will be on my way to building a strong portfolio in general. I would love to build versatility and fluency with this print genre because of its diversity of applications and also availability of work.