• Dasha Bulatova

Shelter-in-place is in effect for at least another month. It's been a weird, slow, and anxious time. I'm really grateful to everyone working to keep our basic needs met. Of course, gratitude won't be enough. Here is a resource I found to facilitate mask donation to healthcare providers. 

  • Tomorrow River Homestead kindly hosted me for a short but sweet week in residency in snowy rural Wisconsin. 

  • I finally updated this site to include more recent written and print work.

  • Since October, I have been collaborating as poet and linguist with a group of incredible choreographers and dancers under the Counterpulse ARC Edge Residency. Our performances have been postponed, until further notice, but you can read more about the project and support the dancers here.

  • Three poems I wrote were set to music and performed at the Center for New Music by SFSU music and composition students for the RGB Arts Festival: