• Dasha Bulatova

Summertime & the pandemic continues. Somehow, the days still seem to fly by.

My favorite pastime is watching a little brown squirrel sleep in the fork of a tree branch which is right outside of my window. Sometimes it nibbles on leaves and flowers, but most of the time it basks in the sun. Hummingbirds will hover around the tree in the late afternoon.

I've been spending my time biking (I rode my first 50k!), working on projects, and trying (as always) to find fulfilling and sustainable employment. The fundraiser I created for Bay Area healthcare workers raised nearly $3000 and disbursed money to 25+ people on the frontlines. As we enter a renewed surge, and as some of the public refuses to abide by recommendations, their jobs are harder than ever. Please visit our site at BAHSWF.org or our GoFundMe to donate directly to the pockets of these workers. Because this fund gives money DIRECTLY to healthcare workers, it is different from the many others that raise money to raise money for meals or PPE (which often isn't even available to be purchased).

Here are some other projects I've been working on:

  • Contributing poetry to a song cycle collaboration with SFSU composer Esther Gonzalez and singer Elena Schoen. I hope this will culminate in a future performance, when that becomes possible again.

  • Writing lyrics for a Broadway-style musical about Chinese immigrant laborers in the late 1800s, by invitation of its composer, an SFSU music student.

  • Printing and binding a small run of my first full-length poetry book, Gorge. I am binding it in a combination of sandpaper, wallpaper, and velvet. I'll likely make some available for sale, with proceeds going to healthcare workers.

  • Embarking on a self-directed lighthouse residency to visit (and write about, or around...) every lighthouse in California.

  • Building an alumni directory for a new graduate student advocacy group at SFSU.

  • Learning to play the fiddle, much to the chagrin of my neighbors.

I am doing a social media takeover for Epicenter on Tuesday, July 21st! That might the day I visit my very first lighthouse at Pigeon Point, Santa Cruz.

Please get in touch with me using the contact form above if you are interested in collaborating - I especially love interdisciplinary partnerships!

Hoping you are staying safe and healthy out there!